Craigslist Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Near Me (2024)

1. inland empire for sale "chihuahua" - craigslist

  • ... empire for sale "chihuahua" - craigslist. ... chihuahua puppies. 4/30·mira loma. $500 hide ... Puppies for sale. 3/22·Chino. $20 hide. Chihuahua ...

  • inland empire for sale "chihuahua" - craigslist

2. SF bay area pets "chihuahua" - Craigslist

  • Mix Chihuahua. $0. san jose east · Brussel Griffon Chihuahua Pups. $0. san leandro · Chihuahua puppy for rehoming. $0. daly city · Chihuahua Terrier mix puppies.

  • SF bay area pets "chihuahua" - craigslist

3. south florida for sale "chihuahua" - craigslist

4. reno for sale "chihuahua" - craigslist

  • Rehoming Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix. 4/5·. hide. no image · Chihuahua mix puppies for sale $200. 4/5·Stockton. $200 hide. 4 pound chihuahua 2-1/2 years 1. •. 4 ...

  • reno for sale "chihuahua" - craigslist

5. stockton pets "chihuahua" - craigslist

6. Puppies Don't Belong on Craigslist or Facebook - Whole Dog Journal

  • 30 aug 2018 · Well, according to Craigslist's terms of service, “the sale of pets is prohibited, though re-homing with small adoption fees is acceptable.” We' ...

  • Looking at the "pets" section of any city's or area's Craigslist page can be upsetting. Here's why puppies don't belong on craigslist.

7. houston for sale "chihuahua puppies" - craigslist

  • ... for sale "chihuahua puppies" - craigslist. ... Puppy puppies small puppy small breed dogs 1 ... $260 hide. more from nearby areas (sorted by distance)

  • houston for sale "chihuahua puppies" - craigslist

8. Chihuahua in Ohio -

  • Beautiful Chihuahua Puppies · emill member 2 years. Cincinnati, Ohio. I have a white and really light fawn longhaired female ...

  • Currently: Everywhere » United States » Ohio » Pets and Animals » Dogs and Puppies » Chihuahua

Craigslist Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Near Me (2024)


What is the cheapest price for a Chihuahua? ›

While breeders may charge between $500 and $1,500 or more for a Chihuahua puppy, adoption fees are usually significantly lower, ranging from $100 to $300.

What is the best price for Chihuahua puppies? ›

Chihuahua Puppy price range is Rs 4000-25000.

What is the going rate for a Chihuahua? ›

The cost of a Chihuahua puppy from a reputable breeder can range from $800 to $2,500. The cost often depends on the quality of the parents, pre-adoption tests and care provided by the breeder, and the health and quality of the puppy.

How do I choose a good Chihuahua puppy? ›

Breathing should be quiet and rhythmic and the nostrils should be free of mucous. Note how puppies move when they play. Despite a bit of baby clumsiness, they should appear quick, bouncy, and agile, standing straight on legs that look strong enough to carry their bodies.

What is the most inexpensive dog? ›

The cheapest breed overall is the Miniature Poodle, at an average of $800 per puppy. The Boerboel is the most expensive large puppy, costing $3,000 on average. The French bulldog is the most expensive small dog at $3,500, and the most advertised puppy for sale.

How much is the cheapest teacup Chihuahua? ›

The price of a Teacup Chihuahua can vary depending on factors like geographical location, breeder reputation, and pedigree. Typically, you could expect to pay anywhere from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Why are some Chihuahuas so expensive? ›

Several factors can influence this acquisition cost, including the location, breeder's reputation, lineage, age, and even the Chihuahua's coat color. While Chihuahuas may not be prone to pregnancy complications like some larger breeds, their popularity keeps the demand high, which can affect the price.

What does an apple head Chihuahua look like? ›

Apple head Chihuahuas have a broad, rounded head, similar to—you guessed it—an apple. Their eyes appear to be quite large and they often protrude from their head due to the dome-like shape of their skull. They have a short snout that meets the head at a 90-degree angle. It's also slightly pointed.

How much are deer head Chihuahuas worth? ›

Deer head Chihuahuas can be expensive because they are a specific type of Chihuahua. Puppies can range between $300 and $1200, depending on the breeder you are purchasing from and the lineage of the dog.

What is the lifespan of a Chihuahua? ›

Chihuahuas are known for their impressive longevity, with many living well into their teens. The average lifespan of a chihuahua is typically estimated between 14 and 16 years. Chihuahuas are renowned for their tiny stature, usually weighing no more than 8 pounds, with an average height of just 8 to 13 inches.

Do Chihuahuas bark a lot? ›

So the question is, do they bark too much? The short answer is yes, with few exceptions. Chihuahuas bark when they're excited, anxious, sad, in pain, hungry, scared, or dreaming. They bark at other dogs and strangers because they're afraid or feeling territorial.

What is a deer head Chihuahua? ›

What is a Deer Head Chihuahua? The deer head chihuahua has a face and head shape that resembles a young deer. Other characteristics that set this type of chihuahua apart from the others include a longer muzzle, larger ears, and a sloping forehead. They are often referred to as a large dog in a small dog's body.

Is a boy or girl Chihuahua better? ›

Boys are more likely to accept your entire family than females are, though, and less likely to become attached to a single person. They're more likely to protect everyone in their pack, so if you want some semblance of a guard dog from your Chihuahua, a male is the way to go.

What is the best age to get a Chihuahua puppy? ›

One experienced dog trainer and expert on dog development suggested that the optimum age for a puppy to go to its new owner is about 8-to-9-weeks, when the pup is ready to develop a strong bond.

How not to pick up a Chihuahua? ›

First, don't ever lift your dog by his front legs or right under his armpits, like he's a doll. This puts far too much weight on the elbow and shoulders and could injure him. Also, don't lift your dog by the scruff of his neck. Watch for signs that your dog is uncomfortable with how he's being carried.

How much is a Chihuahua worth today? ›

Chihuahua Price Live Data

The live Chihuahua price today is $0.000121 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $183,519 USD.

What is a teddy bear dog? ›

Teddy Bear puppies are designer dogs, which means they are a mixed breed. These dogs are a crossbreed between the Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise breeds—that's where they get their good looks and small size! Of course, their cute looks and tiny size are just some of the traits that make this breed so irresistible.

Are Chihuahuas good dogs? ›

Chihuahuas are a bold and energetic breed in the toy group. They're devoted to their families and make for great lap dogs. Chihuahuas are flexible pets that are willing to go with the flow — as long as that flow keeps them next to you. They're small and graceful companions, perfect for calm, comfortable homes.

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