Career Day: Tomorrow's workplace | Radboud University (2024)

Career Day: Tomorrow's workplace | Radboud University (1)
Career Day: Tomorrow's workplace | Radboud University (2)

Thursday 30 May 2024, 9 am - 3:15 pm

Open day / informational event

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The Career Day is all about tomorrow's workplace. You can attend the entire program, or just part of it.

  • In the morning, you'll discover all about contemporary issues you may face as you look for your first job.
  • In the afternoon, various employers will talk about skills that are important in their workplaces.

Career Area: CV check, career advice and photographer

  • From 11.00 to 14.00h: Have your CV checked and ask your career questions.
  • From 12:00 to 13.30h: Have a professional profile photo taken by the photographer. Useful for your CV and LinkedIn.

Register for the career area? Not necessary. Just drop by. You will find us in the Elinor Ostrom building on the first floor between the stairs and the bridge.

Morning program

Afternoon program

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Thursday 30 May 2024, 9 am - 3:15 pm
Elinor Ostrom building
Career Service

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Contact information

Send your questions to careerservice [at] (careerservice[at]ru[dot]nl).

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Career Day: Tomorrow's workplace | Radboud University (2024)
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