Ravens News 2/12: SB Memories (2024)

Ranking All 35 Super Bowl-Winning Head Coaches

Gilberto Manzano, Sports Illustrated

30. John Harbaugh, Ravens, Super Bowl XLVII

Harbaugh is one of the few special teams coaches who worked his way into a head coaching position. That area of expertise paid off when Jacoby Jones recorded a 109-yard kickoff return for a touchdown during the Super Bowl victory against the 49ers. That was the same postseason when quarterback Joe Flacco entered the elite conversation.

19. Brian Billick, Ravens, Super Bowl XXXV

Billick coached one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history as the offensive coordinator for the 1998 Vikings. He parlayed that into a head coaching gig, but his success in Baltimore was largely due to the dominant defense. Ray Lewis & Co. helped the Ravens crush the Giants in the Super Bowl. The offense wasn’t as talented, but they leaned on quarterback Trent Dilfer, running back Jamal Lewis and tight end Shannon Sharpe.

Former NFL players share stories of their Super Bowl TDs

John Keim, ESPN

‘If you kick me the ball I’m going to make you apologize’

Jacoby Jones, kickoff returner, Baltimore Ravens

When: Super Bowl XLVII, Feb. 3, 2013

Where: Superdome, New Orleans

Final score: Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco 49ers 31

Days before Jones ran back the longest kickoff return in Super Bowl history, the Baltimore Ravens kick returner was told by teammate Bryan Hall the 49ers would never let him come out of the end zone on kicks.

“Bet,” Jones told Hall.

“So I went to Coach [John] Harbaugh and I’m like, ‘Coach, we’re going straight down the pipe let me come out no matter what.’ He said, ‘OK,’” Jones said. “The funniest thing is on media day I walked and stood on the spot and I said, ‘Hey I’m coming out right here.’ They’re all looking at me like I’m crazy. It was the same spot I came off from. That’s the most memorable thing when you talk about it and it happens. If you kick me the ball I’m going to make you apologize.”

Baltimore did not have Jones return kicks for the first five games in the 2012 season. But, on his first time deep, he returned one 108 yards for a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. On a return the following season, Jones seemed destined for a 100-yard return score against the Pittsburgh Steelers before coach Mike Tomlin, who had walked onto the field, impeded his path as Jones ran down the sideline. Tomlin was later fined $100,000 by the league.

But before Tomlin, came the Super Bowl.

“Coach Harbaugh told me as long as you get at least past the 25-yard line I don’t care. That was my goal to get past the 25,” Jones said. “If I get past the 25, you know what that means? I am gone. When I hear the crowd I know I’m gone. I ran track; I know they’re not coming to get me. The only person close to getting me was Mike Tomlin.”

The Winners and Losers of NFL Honors

Austin Gayle, The RInger

Winner: QB Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, at just 27, became the 11th NFL player to win multiple MVP awards, a crowning achievement for one of the league’s brightest stars. Although the take artists will home in on his throw into triple coverage in the AFC championship game that ended the Ravens’ season, what Jackson accomplished leading up to that moment was truly special. He leveled up in ways under new offensive coordinator Todd Monken that many never expected from him. He is one of the NFL’s most prolific passers and runners and athletes. A second MVP award rightfully solidifies him among the most special people to ever play the game.

With second MVP award in tow, Lamar Jackson moves closer to football royalty

Luke Jones, Baltimore Positive

Of course, a Super Bowl win isn’t a requirement to receive a bust in Canton. Few would question Dan Marino’s place among the best quarterbacks of all time despite him never winning a Super Bowl. Fran Tarkenton and Jim Kelly went winless in multiple Super Bowl tries while Dan Fouts and Warren Moon never even got to one.

That said, Brady isn’t regarded by many as the greatest of all time because of his three regular-season MVP awards, 15 Pro Bowl selections, and numerous individual records; he’s a seven-time Super Bowl champion. No quarterback’s perception changed more for the better than that of John Elway with back-to-back Super Bowl wins to conclude his career after being blown out in the first three in which he played.

Championships — or the lack thereof — headline any quarterback’s legacy, which is why Jackson is the first to tell you his work isn’t complete. Unfortunately, what remains can’t be accomplished in the regular season, no matter how many more MVPs Jackson wins.

Fair or not, the career of any great quarterback doesn’t feel complete without a Super Bowl title. It’s the gateway to football royalty.

Five Reasons Why Ravens Will Be in Super Bowl Next Year

Clifton Brown, BaltimoreRavens.com

The offense should evolve in Todd Monken’s second season.

The Ravens improved from averaging 20.6 points in 2022 (19th in the NFL) to averaging 28.4 points in 2023 (fourth). During Jackson’s final six starts during the regular season, the offense was even more potent, averaging 33.8 points.

That’s a significant jump. Monken benefited from having Jackson healthy for a full season, and Jackson developed from playing in an offense with more playmakers in a system that he embraced. The passing game improved, and Baltimore led the league in rushing.

The offense was disappointed in its showing in the conference championship. But now the Ravens can spend the offseason building on Monken’s system. The late-season emergence of tight end Isaiah Likely was a huge plus, offering the potential to cause more matchup problems if the Ravens use more two tight-end sets.

There are reasons to believe Baltimore could be better offensively next season, with Likely and Flowers a year more experienced. If the Ravens’ offense improves, it could improve their chance to make a postseason run.

“This year, every day was a new day in the offense right on through the last part of the season,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said. “Next year, it won’t be a new day every single day. I’m looking forward to that process.”

Ravens News 2/12: SB Memories (2024)


What were the Baltimore Ravens originally called? ›

The Ravens' rivalry with the Cincinnati Bengals began when the original Browns franchise relocated to Baltimore to become the Ravens. Since then, the rivalry heated up when longtime Ravens defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis was hired as the head coach of the Bengals.

How tall is Jackson on the Ravens? ›

Height, Weight6'2", 215 lbs
FromPompano Beach, FL
Experience7 Years
3 more rows

Did Lamar Jackson get married? ›

The year was 2017 and they have been dating ever since. As of 2023, the couple have now been together for six long years but there is no word from either side about marriage. However, they share a daughter together and her name is Milan who was born on 4th January 2021. Milan has just turned three years old.

Were the Baltimore Ravens an expansion team? ›

As part of the agreement, Cleveland kept the Browns' name, history, and colors for a future replacement team, so the newly renamed Ravens—the moniker stems from the famous poem by Baltimorean Edgar Allan Poe—were technically an expansion team.

What was the Ravens old logo? ›

Before the team's inaugural season, Balitmore-based amateur artist Frederick Bouchat proposed a logo that featured a flying "B" on a shield with wings extending from either side. One month later, the Ravens unveiled the "Flying B" logo as its symbol, featuring a gold shield with a winged purple "B" at the center.

Why do the Ravens have 3 mascots? ›

The three not only commemorated the famous Baltimore poet but also represented three completely different personalities and their stereotypical relation to certain types of NFL players. According to the back story, Edgar was the first to hatch.

What is Lamar Jackson's net worth 2024? ›

Lamar Jackson's net worth, estimated to be around $60 million dollars, skyrocketed with a massive 5-year contract extension signed in April 2023. Valued at an astounding $260 million, this deal secured Jackson's position as the highest-paid player in the league at the time.

Did Lamar Jackson graduate from college? ›

Image of Did Lamar Jackson graduate from college?
The University of Louisville is a public research university in Louisville, Kentucky. It is part of the Kentucky state university system. When founded in 1798, it was one of the first city-owned public colleges in the United States and one of the first universities chartered west of the Allegheny Mountains.

What is Lamar Jackson's quarterback rating? ›

Jackson had the most pass attempts in his career (457), set career-highs in completion percentage (67.2) and passing yards (3,678), and had his best QBR (total quarterback rating (64.7) since 2020.

Do Lamar Jackson have any children? ›

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback's daughter, Milan Jackson, 3, was born on Jan. 4, 2021, but he has kept most details of her life private, only ever sharing small glimpses of his little girl on social media.

What does Lamar Jackson mom do for a living? ›

Jackson's mom is Felicia Jones. His mother has been by Jackson's side his entire NFL career. While a majority of NFL players hire agents and managers to help run their side hustle and businesses, Jackson has kept his affairs quite literally in the family, with his mom working with him as his manager.

Who is Lamar's mother? ›

Happy Mother's Day to Lamar Jackson's mom, Felicia Jones, and all the mothers out there.

Who was QB when Ravens won Super Bowl? ›

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco attempts a pass to Ray Rice. On the second-half kickoff, Jacoby Jones fielded the kick and promptly returned it 108 yards for the longest play in Super Bowl history.

Who is youngest team in NFL? ›

Packers head to playoffs as NFL's youngest team — and have found yet another franchise QB. In his first year as a starting NFL QB, Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love is headed to the postseason.

What 2 Super Bowls did the Ravens win? ›

Since moving to Baltimore, the Ravens have won two Super Bowls. The first came in Super Bowl XXXV when they defeated the New York Giants 34-7 under coach Brian Billick. They then went on to win Super Bowl XLVII after a dramatic 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

When did the Ravens change their name? ›

in 1996 in the form of the new Baltimore Ravens. "This is a new beginning and a new era for us," Ravens owner Art Modell told fans at the team naming ceremony. With fans playing an integral role, the selection of the nickname "Ravens" was inspired by the poetry of former Baltimore resident, Edgar Allan Poe.

When did Cleveland become Baltimore Ravens? ›

The Browns became the Ravens in 1996. The league couldn't deal with that so they pretended the Ravens were a new franchise and the Browns would continue on ASAP with all new players but with their history intact. However, the Ravens took the Cleveland players with them to Baltimore.

Who did the Browns used to be? ›

The Browns dominated the AAFC, compiling a 47–4–3 record in the league's four seasons and winning its championship in each. When the AAFC folded after the 1949 season, the Browns joined the NFL along with the San Francisco 49ers and the original Baltimore Colts.

When did the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore? ›

On November 6, 1995, with the team at 4–5, Modell announced in a press conference at Camden Yards that he had signed a deal to move the Browns to Baltimore for the 1996 season. The team would play at the Colts' former home (Memorial Stadium) while the new stadium was being built.

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